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Vogue Deco - Hand Tufted Rug

Hand Tufted Rugs

Inspired by vintage Vogue magazine covers, the Art Deco era and the world around us, hand-tufted rug Vogue Deco is a shimmering vision of green, pink, gold and black with soaring cranes, pretty lotus flowers and full-blown peonies set against a geometric backdrop.

Throughout Asia, the crane represents honour, good fortune, longevity and loyalty, while peonies symbolise prosperity, good fortune and a happy marriage. Pristine lotus flowers, which emerge from murky waters, are recognised as a symbol of purity. These finely detailed motifs combine in a life-affirming story full of joy, hope and positivity.

The gentle colour combinations paired with a geometric pattern and gold accents create the glamorous look and feel of a glorious bygone era. Step into a soft and gentle, yet bold and luxurious world with Vogue Deco.

Pile Height
Wool & Tencel
Available Sizes
L244 x W152cm
L274 x W183cm
Custom sizes available upon request
Please note that our rug samples are purchased on a loan basis and the amount will be refunded once the sample has been returned. We pay for the shipping to you, you pay for the return. More information can be found here.
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'Bringing a sense of nature indoors is never a bad idea. One of the most restful colours for your eyes, green denotes freshness, safety, balance and harmony. It’s also known to be restorative and can help to reduce anxiety.'