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Solace - Hand Knotted Rug

Hand Knotted Rugs

Solace is Wendy’s most reflective and contemplative piece yet. A glorious hand-knotted heirloom rug, made from a 100% wool base with hand-carved details in silk, Solace is a simple, stunning combination of four colours – gold, black, violet, and warm white. A wonderful addition to our neutral rug collection, Solace combines her minimal colour palette with a striking, detailed design, inspired by intricate embroidery.

Gold has long been a favourite as a neutral in Wendy’s designs – a colour that sits well amongst others and still manages to stand out, adding elegance and a luxurious look to complex designs that are still easy to place within the home.

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Kindly note that our availability and lead times differ from design to design. Some of our rugs are in stock and others will be made to order, depending on the availability at the time of your order. For more information, please speak to an adviser.

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"Solace was very much inspired by the need for contemplation, creating a calming and peaceful ambience for internal reflection. I did feel the need to create such a piece - more meditative - quite possibly as a response to the pandemic. I loved the idea of simple luxury with the light wool base and the gold silk details."