Customising ‘Flamingo Clouds’ for a customer

Wendy’s ‘Flamingo Clouds’ rug for John Lewis is proving to be very popular at their stores.  It is comprised of wool and viscose.  Recently a customer saw this rug in store but didn’t want the viscose element.  The customer contacted Wendy to see if it could be made with wool only.  Because we offer a re-design service this was no problem and yesterday we sent out the rug in pure wool to a happy customer.

Find out why Wendy uses viscose and what viscose can bring to your rug in our journal post Why viscose?

Flamingo Clouds for John Lewis with wool & viscoseFlamingo Clouds for John Lewis with wool & viscose

Wendy with Flamingo Clouds and Flamingo Ferns for John LewisWendy with Flamingo Clouds and Flamingo Ferns for John Lewis

Flamingo Clouds comprised of wool onlyFlamingo Clouds comprised of wool only using our re-design service