Wendy’s design journey with John Lewis

Wendy with Flamingo Clouds
Wendy with Flamingo Clouds

It was this time 5 years ago that Wendy happened to send an email to the rug buyer at John Lewis. The email included a few eye-catching images of her latest rug designs. Willow Tree and Aster were two of the designs that caught the eye of the buyer and led to a rather nerve jangling ‘dragon’s den’ type face to face at John Lewis HQ.

Willow Tree

After somehow convincing JL that her beautiful designs were backed by an equally capable and mature business (!), JL asked Wendy to create her first exclusive design – Blossom Tree. Initially, JL were rather cautious with the brief, keen to ‘let their design hair down’ so to speak, but equally nervous about giving Wendy design carte blanche. They wanted to test the water – what level of design sophistication would their customers appreciate? Would they push it too far? So, with respect to colour, Blossom Tree was very much a ‘restrained’ Wendy design but inevitably commercially very popular!

Blossom Tree by Wendy Morrison for John Lewis
Blossom Tree by Wendy Morrison for John Lewis

A number of successful exclusive designs later, JL invited Wendy to join the John Lewis Design Collective which gave her the design freedom she thrives on. She duly locked herself away for a week or 2 and came up with her well-loved Flamingo Clouds design which sells incredibly well. Flamingo Clouds was initially developed as part of JLs ‘Boutique Hotel’ story. You can see the step up in sophistication when comparing the lifestyle shot with that created for Blossom Tree.

Flamingo Clouds - Wendy Morrison for John Lewis
Flamingo Clouds – Wendy Morrison for John Lewis

The brand ‘Wendy Morrison for John Lewis’ was born and JL continue to push the rug design boundaries spearheaded by Wendy and her work with the Design Collective. Designs like Kimono and Magnolia truly are a testament to JL’s belief in Wendy and its paying off for everyone.

Kimono - Wendy Morrison for John Lewis
Kimono – Wendy Morrison for John Lewis

Wendy now has 5 exclusive designs available through the Wendy Morrison for John Lewis brand – you can check them out here. Her latest design is the golden chinoiserie inspired ’Stork’ to which she admits she isn’t overly fond of the name but is delighted with the end result!

Stork - Wendy Morrison for John Lewis
Stork – Wendy Morrison for John Lewis

Wendy feels extremely fortunate to work with JL – funny how it may not have happened had it not been for the single click of a keyboard on that fateful day 5 years ago! Thanks JL, and keep pushing the boundaries!

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