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Flowers of Virtue Tigers Eye - Hand Tufted Runner

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Plants and flowers have huge significance in Chinese culture and symbolise human values. The shimmering orchids, chrysanthemums, plum blossom and bamboo that stand out against the graphite backdrop of Flowers of Virtue are considered some of the most important.

The white orchids represent purity and elegance; the chrysanthemum demonstrates tenacity and is believed to represent long life and good luck in the home; plum blossom demonstrates vitality, endurance and hope; bamboo also denotes endurance, peace and vitality, and demonstrates harmony between nature and humankind.

The strong graphite black backdrop grounds the green of bamboo, white of orchid and the pinks of chrysanthemum and plum blossom beautifully, while rich gold forms an elegant border.


Pile Height
Wool & Tencel
Available Sizes
L274 x W76cm - Runner
Custom sizes available upon request