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Love Birds Green - Hand Tufted Rug

Hand Tufted Rugs

Lovebirds features a beautiful, sun-dappled tree in the centre, gold-etched leaves shimmering against a colourful backdrop while the base is awash with bright foliage and flowers in full bloom. 

A pair of exotic pink and yellow love birds nestle at the heart of the design, while other equally radiant birds perch on branches and swoop through leaves. The imagery feels so alive you can almost hear the sound of leaves gently rustling and birds calling to each other.

Kindly note that our availability and lead times differ from design to design. Some of our rugs are in stock and others will be made to order, depending on the availability at the time of your order. For more information, please speak to an adviser.

Available Made to Order in Custom Sizes. Refundable Sample Service and Worldwide Shipping. Chat to Us to Learn More.

Pile Height
Wool & Tencel
Available Sizes
L243cm x W210cm
Custom sizes available upon request
Please note that our rug samples are purchased on a loan basis and the amount will be refunded once the sample has been returned. We pay for the shipping to you, you pay for the return. More information can be found here
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"It is a design that requires you to slow down and take time to appreciate every detail, to allow the story to speak to your senses, allowing you to feel a connection and harmony with nature."


The Beauty of Imperfection – Because all our rugs are hand-dyed and hand-crafted, there are subtle differences between each. The finished look, feel and opulence of a handmade rug comes from the unique artistry created by the weaver in the rug pile. The impact of the design comes from the vibrancy, detail and finesse of the colours, details, and patterns. With this in mind, we advise to consider a tolerance of up to 3% in sizing for our custom hand-tufted rugs and 4% for our hand-knotted rugs (+/-).