colourful rug in living space
colourful rug in living space

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Eternity Light

hand-tufted wool & tencel rug

From £1,295.00

Inspired by Chinese philosophy, our hand-crafted rug Eternity Light features gorgeous imagery that tells the story of eternal life. Full of beautiful symbols for a long and happy life, including a pair of soaring cranes outlined in gold, which represent happiness, good fortune and longevity, Eternity is an uplifting addition to homes.

Eternity also takes inspiration from renowned American rug maker Walter Nichols who, in 1920s China, introduced vivid colour to rug design. Colour is at the heart of Eternity: a pink, black and gold border envelopes a white backdrop, which allows every life-affirming detail, including mountains, plum blossom, orchids, waves, pine trees, peony roses and clouds, to stand out in a vibrant combination of pink, gold, aqua, purple and green beneath a beautiful pink circular sun.

Silky soft to the touch, Eternity has a hand-tufted wool base with details crafted in sustainable Tencel. A rug to inspire, delight and decorate floors for decades to come.

Larger custom sizes available on request.

Technical Details

100% Wool & Tencel

Production Method

Pile Height

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Inspiration behind the design

Learn more about the story behind Eternity.