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The story behind Pink Moon

The story – and inspiration – behind our shimmering Pink Moon

Every rug designed by Wendy Morrison tells a story. Images, motifs, colours and symbols combine to inspire, and bring happiness and joy to homes. Pink Moon is no exception. She shares a wonderful story of peace, luck and positivity, but there is also a tale to tell in how her design came about and the influences behind it.

Hand-knotted in Nepal by highly skilled artisans, Pink Moon is composed of 150 intricate knots per inch, a labour-intensive process. You can read about how our hand-knotted rugs are lovingly crafted in a previous journal post here. All of the design details are handcrafted in silk, which adds incredible sheen and lustre to the finished piece. Set against a monochrome-patterned wool base, gold-etched cranes take flight, wild and free, across a huge shimmering pink ombre moon. Drawing inspiration from symbols in Buddhism, this elegant design, with bold flashes of pink and gold grounded against a black and white backdrop, is beautifully encased within a distinctive monochrome border.

Geometric design

‘This design was long in the planning,’ Wendy explains. ‘For ages, I had wanted to create a piece with a geometric influence. Lots of my designs are very pictorial and I was keen to offer an alternative. I also liked the idea of black and white creating a backdrop that was grounding.’

Inspired as ever by Asian history and philosophy, Wendy came across the bold black and white Buddhist swastika symbol, which symbolises the auspicious footprints of the Buddha and represents spirituality in Indian religions. One of the oldest symbols on Earth, the ancient swastika represents peace, good luck and positivity. ‘The Sanskrit translation means, ‘to be good’ or ‘being with higher self’, which I loved,’ Wendy explains. ‘Although I came up with my own interpretation of the symbol, I took inspiration from its look and meaning, and wanted to incorporate the positive associations it has in Eastern cultures in my own design.’

Life cycle

The moon is also a powerful symbol in Eastern philosophy. According to Buddhists, the phases of the moon represent the cycle of reaching fullness and then beginning over again. The moon is seen as a symbol of truth and enlightenment.

‘As always, this design evolved,’ Wendy explains. ‘It would have been too ordinary with just the geometric backdrop, so I added the pink moon, which symbolises rebirth and renewal. To me, it sets a reminder that life is a series of ups and downs, a cycle of hibernation and reawakening. The colour pink is a personal favourite. It is revitalising and creates a feeling of love, beauty and joy.’

Imagination takes flight

Inspired by nature and our connection to it, cranes are a recurring motif of many of Wendy’s designs. Throughout Asia, the crane is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth; it also symbolises good fortune and longevity, and is often seen as a sign of good things to come. Because they mate for life, cranes are also often associated with a long marriage.

Style tips

Pink Moon works beautifully in pretty much any room, bringing shimmering light, a hint of colour, warmth, texture, and a sense of hope and joy to interiors. The gold details add wow factor – an idea explored in previous journal Glamour in the Home – while the black and white base has a wonderfully grounding effect, which we share styling tips on in the journal, Monochrome Magic.

‘I feel Pink Moon is a neutral design,’ Wendy explains, ‘the black and white creates a grounding base for the geometric pattern allowing the pink and gold details to stand out, I consider all of these colours as neutrals, while the ombre blending of the pink silk moon creates a subtle shimmer.

‘I was excited to place Pink Moon in a fairly neutral scheme and let her create warmth and texture. But she works equally well when teamed with leopard print, which I have done using a leopard print sofa. I also love her as wall décor and she looks wonderful hanging on the wall in the studio.’

From living and dining areas to hallways and bedrooms, Pink Moon adds light and life. Bold enough to be a focal point in a neutral scheme, whether underfoot or hung as artwork, Pink Moon’s neutral colour palette allows her to work within decorative spaces too, holding her own and always making a statement.