We love our Mandela Viscose rug with this teal velvet sofa.

We love seeing pictures of our rugs in your homes.  Here Mandela Viscose graces the floor of this living room and it’s a lovely choice.  The sofa provides the colour statement in this room and the rug’s neutral base and branches sit peacefully beside it.  But…the colourful birdies and butterflies in the rug design means this isn’t a boring neutral rug but one that packs a little punch of its own.  These colourful flutterings also compliment the vase on the right which we think is wonderful!

In our Mandela Viscose Rug Story we have paired it with a teal sofa too.  A match made in heaven…


The Mandela Viscose Rug StoryThe Mandela Viscose Rug Story

Mandela ViscoseMandela Viscose

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