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Introducing Jardín de Chinois

Taking inspiration from Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie, taken from the word ‘Chinois’ which is French for Chinese, is the European interpretation or imitation of Chinese & East Asian artistic traditions. The style was at its most popular between 1750 and 1765 though the style is still in production today; think DeGournay as one leading example.

Chinoiserie leaders, DeGournay

Wendy is drawn to Chinoiserie because it is so, so pretty and the subject is ever inspirational for her.  It celebrates the wonder of flora & fauna and the magic of it all.  And it is this subject matter that continually inspires Wendy to design. Chinoiserie is ornate and decorative and beautiful, and this aesthetic, over recent years, has become her signature style.  Using the finest materials to support this celebration of nature’s finest is important to Wendy, who has chosen the softest wool and pure silk to create this stunning piece.

WendyWendy Morrison Jardin de Chinois rug

Jardin de Chinois hand knotted rugWendy Morrison Jardin de Chinois rug

Jardin de Chinois hand knotted rugWendy Morrison Jardin de Chinois rug


In Jardin de Chinois Wendy has created a sumptuously luxurious rug, hand-knotted in the softest wool & silk. The high knot count (150KPI) and choice of deep blue as a base and gold for the motifs adds to its richness and depth which certainly work well with this composition.

“This rug has been made by artisanal craftspeople who have had the skill and knowledge of rug making passed down to them through generations. I see this rug as an heirloom and wouldn’t that be lovely, to hand the rug down through the generations to come? A rug with generations of skill and talent before it to be loved by generations to come!”  Wendy

At 8ft x 11ft it’s a generously sized rug which will work well as a centrepiece or placed partly under furniture.

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