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Eternal Toile in development


Wendy has long wanted to design a rug based on the 10 symbols of longevity, which you will find on the inspiration board below.  Eternal Toile is the result and at the moment we are in the development stage.  Here’s the story so far…

The 7 symbols of longevity - the inspiration behind
The 10 symbols of longevity – the inspiration behind ‘Eternal Toile’.

The final artwork for her Eternal Toile rug, which incorporates each of those 10 symbols is a beautiful rug with muted shades of green and gold with ombre blends, which gives it a calm and cohesive feel.

Artwork for Eternal Toile
Artwork for Eternal Toile

We knew it was going to be a tricky rug to get right, due to the detail and the ombre blends of wool.  We were sent images of it in the making…

Eternal Toile in the making
Eternal Toile in the making

And then the later stages…

Nearly there...Nearly there…

Today we unwrapped the finish item, which is always going to be a development test on a rug like this, and it was great to get an impression of the overall effect of the rug.  The greens and gold are muted to a calming effect and the design has real balance and flow.  It certainly works as a rug.

The first Eternal Toile for inspection.
The first Eternal Toile for inspection.

However, there are tweaks to be made.  The ombre weave hasn’t worked as expected and there may be a need to fill in the trees in the foreground.  The turtle, one of the signs of longevity, looks more like a rock which needs to be fixed.  It is quite hard to get it right at such a small scale!  So Wendy will make these design tweaks and work with our rug makers to find a solution.  It’s all part of the process and ensures we get things just right.

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