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Craftsmanship matters

Shanghai Blossom hand-knotted rug

Forget everything you know about rugs. Our passion is to create timeless art for your floors made with undeniable quality. Is there anything more impeccable or luxurious than a hand-knotted rug?

Made from lustrous silk and wool, we’ve created a hand-knotted rug collection crafted by experienced Nepalese artisans. It’s their expertise that brings each intricate rug design to life with unwavering quality. After all, exquisite design is nothing without the finest craftsmanship.

We embrace traditional craft skills and the rich heritage of Tibetan weaving. Each hand-knotted rug is painstakingly composed of hundreds of individual knots per square inch. The result: special heirloom rugs for luxury living that can be passed down to the next generation.

The making of a hand-knotted rug

It’s all in the detail. To bring you the best rugs you can buy, our luxury rugs are handmade with pride in Nepal – an area renowned for rug making over many centuries. Dexterity, precision and intricacy are essential tools of the trade.

Hand-knotting is a highly-skilled art where a weaver sits behind a loom and carefully ties knots while following a guide for the rug pattern called a Galaincha file. Several handmade steps follow and precede the weaving, including dyeing of the yarns. The Dye Master dyes the wool and silk in small batches to perfect the exact colours required. Then the sun works its magic, drying the yarns to enhance the depth of colour.

Discover more about the incredible craftsmanship of a hand-knotted rug.

Let’s talk quality

In today’s throwaway society, we’re championing quality over quantity. One treasured rug that will last many years is so much better than floor décor with a short life-span. When only the best rugs will do, hand-knotted is the answer.

Just look at the knots per square inch. Every Wendy Morrison Design hand-knotted rug has 120 or 150 knots per square inch. Individually handmade over four to five months, the complex rug patterns come alive through the handmade process. It’s art for your floors in every way.

The underside to the rugs also looks beautiful, showing the individual knots and overall design, with colours peeking through from the rug’s surface.

Lustrous silk

Silk is a natural fibre that we use for the details of each luxury rug design. Known as the ‘queen of fibres’, it creates a stunning and subtle sheen. Silk’s also naturally soft yet durable and doesn’t attract moths or dust mites.

Catching the light, silk shimmers against the wool rug base.

Durable wool

Pure wool forms the base of our hand-knotted rugs. A strong natural fibre, wool provides both warmth and durability to give everlasting joy underfoot. No wonder wool remains one of the most used and valued fibres in the world.

Is a hand-knotted rug worth the cost?

For the ultimate in luxurious floor décor, hand-knotted rugs can’t be beaten. By its very nature, hand-knotting allows for exquisite definition in design and quality construction. Every hand-tied knot brings to life exceptional details of the design. The most labour-intensive method for creating a rug also produces the finest quality. Machine manufacturing could never achieve the same level of detail.

Hand-knotted rugs are antiques of the future and heirlooms that transcend their material value. Like a favourite piece of wall art, no value can be placed on tasteful keepsakes for the home. Are you ready to swathe your home in luxury?

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