Collaboration is always exciting; it’s a chance to explore fresh ideas, reach, meet, inspire and be inspired by new people, situations and surroundings. It is the perfect way to flex creative muscles. 

Wendy Morrison Design x


when the idea was suggested that Wendy create a product range for major French retailer Monoprix, she embraced the opportunity. Monoprix was the first large store to collaborate with designers to create limited-edition fashion and homeware collections.

A French Connection

‘I was delighted to be involved with Monoprix, my only stipulation was that we created products I loved and would use myself, which led to a range of tableware, womenswear and a few favourite homeware pieces. I was really excited at the thought. It gave me the opportunity to explore new product design outside my more-familiar world of rugs.’

Wendy Morrison Design x

John Lewis

One of Wendy's earliest collaborations was with UK department store John Lewis. Wendy worked closely with John Lewis between 2014 -2018 and designed various collections inspired by boutique designs and sumptuous tones. The colour palette was versatile, with soft smoke shades and shiny finishes.

John Lewis Design Collective