Care & Mantenance

Thank you for your purchase of a Wendy Morrison designed handmade rug. Your rug has been crafted with an extremely high level of care and attention. We use only the best crafts people available in order to create a product to match the high quality of Wendy’s designs. Please take note of the following instructions in order to maintain the quality of your rug:

 Every Day Care

It is perfectly normal for the pile of your rug to lose some surplus fibres at first, creating ‘fluff balls’. Do not brush the rug or you will force more fibres out. Regular vacuuming will help reduce this effect and will usually remove all the loose fibres within a few months.

From time to time a yarn tuft may work loose from the rug and stand out from the surface. Do not pull these out as this may encourage more yarns to work loose. Instead, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut the thread(s) even to the height of the rug pile. The rotating of a loose laid rug over a period of time will help maintain your rug pile surface.

 Stain Removal

Dab the stain immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Do not rub. Use an appropriate stain remover but test it on an inconspicuous area of the rug first. It is crucial that in the event of a contaminated liquid staining the pile, it is cleaned immediately, without being allowed to dry. Leaving it may result in staining. Red wine spills will stain. Never use stain removers that contain bleach.

 General Maintenance

If an all over clean is required, we recommend professional steam cleaning using a dedicated carpet cleaning service. Colours may show a slight change (no more than 5%) when cleaned. If unsure about a particular cleaning procedure, please seek professional advice.

 Professional Cleaning

A recommended cleaning agent should be used at all times.